An Interview with Rome florist Debraflower

We spent a few moments chatting with a wonderful Italian wedding florist that we’ve worked with in the past, Debra from DebraFlower in Rome, to give you all some insight into the busy life of a floral designer. Here’s what we learned!

Tell us a little about yourself and what made you decide to become a florist and open Debraflower?

Growing up in New York I had my own rose and Peony plants that were given to me as a gift. I suppose that was my first experience with flowers. Back then no one suggested that I study Horticulture or become a professional florist so after school I studied business and psychology at night and worked in corporate America during the day. My creative side was satisfied by designing and making my own clothing. After living in Italy for a number of years and working as an importing buyer for a large Italian company I felt the need to do something creative. While looking for a florist near home and realizing that there wasn’t one I decided that this was what I would do next with my life. Once I completed a course for floral art and design I opened Debraflower.


DebraFlower Italian wedding flowers



What is the process when dealing with a bride abroad who will be getting married in Rome?

Asking questions and giving information is key to how I deal with all clients. I love to find out as much as possible about any client who has asked me to design an event for them. I ask about color, style, image and of course budget. It’s interesting that many women have not thought through a budget for their wedding decorations. Actually it’s interesting to me just how little people know about what Florists do. One of the reasons I began writing my blog “A florists life” was to let people know what kind of work I really do. Remember a trained florist like I am has learned to work with flowers for every and any use like flowers for hair, arrangements to enhance the Unity candles, floral jewelry etc. The list goes on.



DebraFlower Italian wedding flowers


What is your favourite flower(s) to work with for weddings?

This is the most difficult question of all. I don’t really have a favourite flower because I love everything for a different reason and purpose. One of the reasons I try to get so much information about the feeling a bride wants for her wedding is to be able to suggest flowers, greenery and other materials (props) to create that feeling. I use whatever flower is needed. Since many women get married in the warmer months I will say that Lisiantus (Eustoma) is a very hearty, heat-resistant flower that comes in so many colors. So if I had to choose that would be my favourite.


DebraFlower Italian wedding flowers


What is your favourite church(es) in Rome for weddings?

This a very easy question. Definitely St. Isidores College and the Chapel at the Irish College are my two favourite Churches. The staff at both places are extremely kind and accommodating to the needs of my clients. St. Isidores is very old and romantic while the Irish College is more decorated and modern.


DebraFlower Italian wedding flowers


What venue(s) in Rome do you like to work with best?

Villa Palazzola and Borgo di Tragliata are wonderful venues. Both places have lodging, church (or outdoor ceremony) and reception areas all in one place. This makes my job so much easier and allows me to create decorations that are beautiful for a ceremony and can be re-purposed for the reception. This not only a financial savings but I believe that this is respectful to nature as well. For smaller weddings in the center of the Rome, Intercontinental Hotel is beautiful with its spectacular views.


DebraFlower Italian wedding flowers


What do you do when you’re not working?

My first thought is that I don’t really work. Being a Florist means getting paid for something that I sincerely love; creating beautiful items for Brides. I am President of the American International Club of Rome. This is a Social Club that also organizes cultural and charitable events. When I want to relax I paint and cook.

DebraFlower Italian wedding flowers



We hope you enjoyed reading our interview with DebraFlower – thank you Debra for such insightful information into floral wedding design! You can find out lots more about DebraFlower here, on Facebook here and by emailing  Debra is also available to set up video meetings via Skype or Facetime.


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