Choosing a Wedding Theme

What is a wedding theme, you may ask? A wedding theme creates a unique style for your wedding. Many couples want their wedding to be ‘different’ – you may be at a stage where many of your friends and family are getting married around the same time as you, and you might even choose a venue that you have been to often or where a close friend or family member has had their reception – so you want your wedding to stand out and be memorable. By implementing a theme or colour scheme into your wedding, you can reflect your personal or couple style in the choices you make for decor, stationery, food and smaller details. Today we look at choosing a wedding theme that means something to you and your fiance and that will work with your venue.

Some really wonderful wedding themes include vintage, nautical, natural or rustic and old Hollywood glamour. If you do decide to theme your wedding, ensure you have a common ‘look’ running through your wedding, from the invitations to the style of venue to the type of cocktails you serve. One or two themed details may look out of place if they are not continued throughout. If you love old movies, tea dresses and classic architecture, then a vintage-style theme may be for you. There are many ways to do this, with some couples choosing a floral vintage look that is ageless. This could involve pretty floral bridesmaids dresses, romantic floral centerpieces, cocktails served in teacups and the use of pastel colours like dusky pink, lavender and primrose yellow. Beware if you are having your wedding at a very modern venue however, as a vintage theme may look completely out of place and will take a lot of extra effort and cost to transform.


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A nautical theme is ideal for a couple who enjoys spending time by the sea or if you have a waterside venue. Think anchors, tying the ‘knot’, driftwood and navy and white striped ribbon.


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A very popular trend at the moment is to go for a rustic or natural look for your wedding. This means going back to nature for your inspiration so think about the countryside and woodlands. The great thing about this theme is that it is a very subjective idea – anything goes. You can have mismatched jars and cake stands, ‘naked’ cakes (non-iced), lots of candles and natural tones such as taupe, brown, red and cream. Again, this is where you will need to consider your venue – this is more suitable to a venue which is either located outdoors or has aspects such as a garden, trees and barns.


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For those seeking a more glamorous theme, an old Hollywood glamour style may be for you. Think beaded gowns, black tie for the guys, cocktails and a monochromatic colour scheme. A jazz band would be an ideal way to bring in the theme together with art deco inspired invitations and menus.


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Are you planning a theme for your wedding? Tell us all about it in the comments?



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