Incredible Love Stories

Thanks to the beauty of social media, lately we’ve been seeing more and more incredible love stories emerging from around the world – chance encounters, love that spans almost a century, couples reunited after years apart – many of them leading to gorgeous weddings! Today we’ve gathered some of our favourite incredible love stories from around the web.

The Flower Girl & Ring Bearer who got married

17 years ago, Adrian and Brooke were chosen as the ring bearer and flower girl for a family friend’s wedding. Adrian was less than impressed with his aisle partner Brooke, who he found annoying and spent every chance he had running away from her! Brooke on the other hand, developed a little crush. Years later, they met again in middle school, and after four years of friendship, Adrian eventually worked up the courage to ask Brooke out in 2011. Last month, they tied the knot in the same church where they had been ‘forced’ to walk down the aisle together!

Incredible love stories flower girl and ring bearer got married

Image via Buzzfeed


Incredible love stories flower girl and ring bearer got married

Image via Buzzfeed

The strangers who fell in love on Facebook

In 2009, Schuler Benson was living and working in Arkansas in the USA when he logged into Facebook on his phone, only to find out he had been logged into someone else’s account. That account? Celeste Zendler, a woman from Colorado. They had never met, had no mutual friends, and couldn’t figure out what had happened – Benson made numerous attempts to log out of the account but due to a technical glitch, he couldn’t for days until eventually Celeste friend-requested Schuler, and hey-presto, it worked! They kept in contact via Facebook for quite some time before eventually meeting in person and falling in love. They married in June after 2 years of dating.

Incredible love stories facebook glitch couple get married

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The couple married for 75 years who died holding hands

Jeanette and Alexander Toczko from San Diego married in 1940 and were completely inseparable. Alexander, a war veteran, became ill after a fall and his beloved wife also fell ill around the same time. They told their children that their dying wish was to pass away peacefully in each others arms – and that they did. They passed in June this year within hours of each other in their own bed, holding hands. They were 95 and 96.

Incredible love stories elderly couple die hours apart holding hands

Image via Daily Mail

The man who waited at the airport for his love

Recently, a video of an elderly man waiting at the airport with a bunch of flowers went viral. He was waiting for his wife, and when she arrived through the gates they had the sweetest reunion. They are Bernard and Carol Mills from California, aged 75 and 80, who met on eHarmony in 2010 after they both lost their spouses.

Incredible love stories elderly man waits at the airport with flowers

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