Planning a Winter Wedding

After an unseasonably mild start to winter, the wind and rain has well and truly arrived, and soon we will be feeling the cold set in. We may even have a white Christmas to look forward to if predictions are correct! Planning a winter wedding can be both a magical and a stressful experience. Cold, crisp weather gives us an excuse to cover up with beautiful faux fur stoles and treat our wedding guests to hot whiskies and hot chocolate, and perhaps even get the most romantic photos against a snow white backdrop. But this is Ireland, and we can also be treated to unpredictable rain and ice during the winter. Today we share our top tips for planning a winter wedding so you can be prepared for all situations!

Cover Up

It will more than likely be cold, so ensure the bride and bridesmaids have suitably warm cover ups to wear during the ceremony and for any outdoor activities or photographs. Cashmere cardigans and faux fur capes will look beautiful and prevent any shivering! It doesn’t have to be white or ivory either.

Winter wedding tips faux fur cape

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Prepare for Rain

The months of November, December and January tend to have a high rainfall so cut your losses and ensure you are prepared with umbrellas and wellingtons. Bright and colourful umbrellas will look fantastic in your wedding photos anyway, so no need to worry about missing out on great photos. Ask your photographer to bring sheets or tarpaulin that you can stand on while you pose so that your dress doesn’t get dirty from the wet ground.

Winter wedding tips rain umbrella

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Extra Time

We have less daylight during winter months, and if there is a high chance of bad weather you will need to allow additional time for your guests to get to your wedding and from your ceremony to the reception venue, if different. This is also important if you are getting married in the run up to Christmas – traffic can be crazy! Consider having a 12.30 or 1pm wedding instead of 2pm; it will give you more time to take photographs afterwards too and you won’t feel like you are rushing to get back to the reception on time.

Winter wedding tips clock

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