Wedding Guest List Tips

One of the first things you’ll be doing once you begin planning your wedding is deciding how many guests to invite. Creating your wedding guest list can be a difficult task – do you want an intimate affair with close friends and family, or a grand soiree featuring 400 of your friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues? If you’re at a certain age and seem to be receiving a new wedding invite every fortnight, do you have to return the favour and invite them all to your big day? Today we discuss our top tips for deciding on your wedding guest list.

The 10% Rule

In general, approximately 10% of your overall guest number will be unable to attend, so if you invite 150 people, you’re more likely to end up with a wedding guest list of 130-135. If you have to guarantee a certain number of people to your wedding venue, it may be worth inviting 10% extra to allow for this.

wedding guest list tips

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Your Parents’ Friends

It can be infuriating when your mother announces that you simply must invite John and Mary from down the road, or her good friends from Dublin. If your parents are paying for the wedding or contributing to the overall costs, then it’s inevitable that they should be allowed to invite some friends. However, if you’re paying for the wedding yourself, then you’ll need to put the foot down early. Decide on a number that they can invite, and allow the same for your partner’s parents in the interest of fairness.

Work Friends

If you work with a lot of people, you may feel under pressure to invite them all to the wedding, but unless you socialize regularly outside of the office then don’t feel that you need to put them on the guest list. Keep everyone happy by inviting them to the afters. The same goes for your boss – this is a tricky one, but again, unless you are close and would feel comfortable having them at the wedding, leave them off the guest list.

wedding guest list tips

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Ex Factor

My preference when it comes to exes? Don’t invite them. Even if you’re still friends, it can be uncomfortable for your husband- or wife-to-be to see them their on your special day.

Plus None

Unless you’re having the big white wedding for 400+ and are trying to fill places, you don’t need to offer a plus one invite to your single guests. Same goes if your friend has only been seeing someone for a few weeks – if it’s not serious, don’t invite.

wedding guest list tips

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