Wedding Guest Style Etiquette Tips

If you have a couple of weddings to attend, you may be wondering what you should wear. You might have a couple of outfits in the closet that will work, or a shopping trip may be in order! Whatever the case may be, there are certain DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to wedding guest style.

wedding guest style tips

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DO wear comfortable shoes

You will be on your feet for a long time – a typical Irish wedding will start at about 1pm and last until 2am and beyond! There is a lot of standing around and of course dancing later on, so it’s important that the footwear you choose is comfortable. Choose shoes that are a comfortable heel height, and make sure you have some gel cushions or insoles handy. It’s always a good idea to bring a spare pair of flat shoes for dancing later on – just don’t forget that you’ve left the other pair under the dinner table! Nude coloured shoes are a great staple to have in the closet, as they will go with almost any outfit.

DO think about the season

If it’s the depths of winter, a floaty pink chiffon dress might not be suitable, both in terms of colour and comfort! Likewise, a black beaded cocktail dress is not ideal for an outdoor wedding in early summer. Ensure you have a little cardigan, jacket or wrap handy and an umbrella for the unpredictable Irish weather.


wedding guest style tips

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DO wear the right underwear

This can make all the difference to your outfit. Badly fitting underwear can take away from a nice outfit, whereas good underwear will pull you in and smooth you out in all the right places.

DON’T wear white

Unless it has been expressly specified on the invitation that all guests must wear white, avoid this colour at all costs. The bride has spent a lot of money on her big white dressĀ and doesn’t want to be upstaged by someone else. It’s a good idea to find out what colour the bridesmaids are wearing too, so you don’t get mistaken for one of them!



wedding guest style tips

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DON’T wear anything too revealing

A wedding is often quite a traditional affair, with a lot of photographs being taken and a religious or spiritual ceremony. This isn’t the time to wear your most figure-hugging dress that is otherwise reserved for a night on the town. Stick to softer styles, and dress lengths should ideally be closer to the knee than the waist!

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