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Spring Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

Spring has sprung! Even though it’s still pretty cold out there, the days are brighter and longer, lambs are bouncing around in the fields and the daffodils have appeared from the ground. Spring is a beautiful time to have a wedding, as there are lots of options for flowers, a colour palette of pretty pastels…

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The Leap Year Proposal

In less than two weeks time, we will encounter the 29th of February – a date which only occurs once every four years. This date has an extra special significance – it’s a leap year, and on this date a woman may propose to a man. Traditionally, it is the man’s job to get down…

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Wedding Invitations Timeline

Timing is important when it comes to wedding planning, and one of the most popular questions that couples ask is, “When should we send wedding invitations? And when do we order them?”. You have to give your guests enough notice so that can attend the wedding, and make plans to take time off work or…

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