5 Alternative Wedding Bouquets

There is a big trend at the moment for non-traditional wedding bouquets – many brides are choosing to have a bespoke, personal bouquet made from alternative materials instead of flowers that they can treasure for years to come. Today we are going to talk about 5 alternative wedding bouquets that will look great with any wedding theme!

1. Brooch Bouquet

You may remember a couple of weeks back that we spoke to Kay’s School of Floristry, who teach flower enthusiasts how to create beautiful floral displays an bouquets, including brides-to-be and their entourages. They also hold Brooch Wedding Bouquet workshops and sell DIY kits worldwide. The brooch bouquet is really popular with brides who want a bit of bling to hold on their big day, as well as incorporating special pieces of jewellery or brooches that belonged to loved ones. It is a beautiful heirloom for them to hold on to after the wedding, and they can even pass it on to their own children in the future.

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2. Paper Flowers

A bouquet made from paper flowers can be pretty, inexpensive and very unique. They are also long-lasting, if you take care of them! Here you can play with size, colour and texture, and add in additional details like diamantes, buttons and pearls to create sparkle. Use light card, crepe paper, tissue paper, coffee filters, sheet music and even pages from old books for your materials. For a great tutorial, click here. A word of warning for Irish weddings – make sure you keep your pretty paper bouquet dry!

Paper flower bouquet alternative wedding bouquets

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3. Pearl Bouquet

Perfect for a classic, elegant wedding celebration, a pearl bouquet is a gorgeous alternative to flowers. It should also be quite light, meaning you won’t feel like you’re lifting weights all day! If you’re planning a vintage or Gatsby style wedding, pearls will fit into the theme perfectly. Add some coloured pearls or tiny flowers if you think the colour is too plain. You could also create beautiful pearl pomanders for your flower girls by gluing pearls to a styrofoam sphere and securing a long ribbon to the top.

Pearl bouquet alternative wedding bouquets

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4. Candy Bouquet

For the real sweet lovers out there, a bouquet made of candy canes and lollipops will look great for a whimsical or even a Christmas-themed wedding. Just make sure they are wrapped or sprayed so that they don’t leave any residue on your gorgeous gown!

Candy bouquet alternative wedding bouquets

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5. Rustic & Natural Bouquet

You don’t have to use flowers to have a bouquet drawn straight from nature. If your overall wedding look is rustic or is taking place in Autumn, draw inspiration from the great outdoors with a bouquet made from pine cones, berries, bog cotton, branches and foliage. Tie with hessian or burlap for an extra rustic touch, and add some paper flowers for a more feminine feel.

Rustic bouquet pine cones alternative wedding bouquets

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