Beautiful Bridesmaids

If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, congratulations! This is a big job, and not one to be taken lightly. Today we’re offering some advice to all the beautiful bridesmaids to help you survive your duties on the big day.

Choosing a Dress

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You may be asked to accompany the bride when she goes to choose her wedding dress. This is a very emotional time for the bride and she may need serious moral support from you in order to survive her own body image issues or criticism from a family member. Be honest in your opinions but in a tactful way, and don’t try to make the appointment about you. Ensure you have allocated enough time in your schedule to participate in the whole appointment, and leave off looking for bridesmaids dresses to another day. That is not the number one priority now, so focus on the bride!


The Hen Party

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Don’t be afraid to ask the bride what she wants for her hen party – your idea of a fun hen party and her idea may differ greatly. If she doesn’t want a stripper, listen! You also need to bear in mind what is affordable for the guests as well as what the bride will really like or enjoy. If you are making it into a full weekend, offer a one-night option for those who may be on a tighter budget. There are lots of ways you can have a fun hen party on a budget – stay at home and make cocktails, give each other manicures and have everyone bring a nice dish for a buffet. For those with a bit more money to play with, there are lots of different options – a healthy hen party could involve a spa day, surfing or paddle boarding finished off with glamping; for the crafty types try out a DIY workshop in millinery, candle making or cookery.


The Big Day

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You have lots of responsibilities on the day of the wedding. Be available from early  that morning for hair and make-up, help the bride with her dress and ensure she has had something to eat and drink before she leaves for the ceremony. Have an emergency kit handy, with lipstick, safety pins, breath mints and tissues, tissues and more tissues! You may find yourself dealing with cranky relatives, noisy kids and more than friendly groomsmen, so have patience and courage to protect your bride! Importantly, don’t get drunk – it’s important to enjoy yourself, but there will be lots of eyes on you so behave well. Stay away from red wine and sticky drinks in case of spillages! If you’ve brought your partner or a plus one, chances are they may not know many of the other guests so take a few moments to introduce them around; this will make them feel more comfortable on the day. Be aware of your bride throughout the day; she may need flat shoes for dancing, a wrap if she is feeling cold or a glass of water if she is accepting a few too many free drinks. Finally, enjoy yourself! It is important to the couple that their guests are having fun, so don’t be afraid to mingle and get out on the dance floor!

Bridesmaid tips

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