Caring For Your Engagement Ring

Some of the most popular occasions to get engaged at have just passed us by, including Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and of course Leap Day! So if you’ve recently acquired a beautiful sparkling engagement ring, then it’s really important to know how to care for it to ensure it is always looking its best. Today we share our top tips for caring for your engagement ring.

Source: Elegant Wedding Invites

Source: Elegant Wedding Invites

Protect it from the elements

Your engagement ring can become smudged or dirty throughout the day as it gets exposed to so many things, such as soap, food, makeup, shampoo and hairspray. Ensure you take off your ring and keep it in a safe place while you are cleaning so that it does not get affected by cleaning chemicals. If you’re dying your hair or using bleach, make sure you take off your ring! Use a polishing cloth regularly to remove any residue or smudges from the band and gemstones to keep it sparkling.


When you’re not wearing your engagement ring, you should store it in a safe place, away from other items and jewellery. A ring box or a soft pouch is the ideal place to keep it – but always ensure you know where you’ve put it!

Source: Ritani

Source: Ritani

Scratching or Chipping

While diamond is known as the hardest substance on earth, it is still possible to scratch or even chip the stones if they hit off something. Be extra careful when doing any active work or outdoor pursuits, and take your ring off if there’s a risk of your ring getting damaged.


Always pick up your ring and handle it by the band, never by the stones or setting. This will prevent residue from building up on the stone and prevent it from becoming loose over time.

Source: Buzzfeed

Source: Buzzfeed


You should obtain insurance for your ring as soon as you receive it – most insurance policies will cover theft, loss and damage. If you already have contents insurance on your house, the ring can be added to the policy – the jeweller should be able to provide you with an official valuation for the ring.

Ask the Experts

Bring your ring to a professional jewellers to have it cleaned once a year. They will make sure it is absolutely sparkling, and will check the setting in case any of the stones need to be reset. If you have a white gold ring, it is advisable to get it re-plated once a year with rhodium.


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