Hidden Wedding Costs Not To Forget

One of the first things you’ll need to decide when planning your wedding is what your budget is. This will take into account the cost of your ceremony, reception, transport, dresses, suits, hair, makeup, cake and invitations, among other things. Many couples forget to budget for certain smaller items though, and they can all add up very quickly to leave you out of pocket. ¬†With so many couples now also trying to save for a mortgage or with other everyday costs like childcare, being prepared for these hidden wedding costs can save you a lot of hassle (and money).


hidden wedding costs

When budgeting for your wedding invitations, don’t forget to allocate money for stamps. Be wary of increased costs for non-standard invitation shapes or weights, or if you have to send invitations abroad. It is a good idea to get a completed sample of your invitation and anything that will be included, such as RSVP and envelope, and get it weighed at your local post office. Get a list of up-to-date postage costs for home and abroad, and add a small contingency in the case of rising postage rates between now and your wedding.

Meals for Suppliers

It is good etiquette to provide a meal for your photographer, videographer and wedding planner; after all, they’re having just as long a day as you! You may decide to add a seat for them at the reception, or open a tab in your venue’s restaurant or bar for them.

Alterationshidden wedding costs

Unless you are very lucky indeed, you will more than likely need to have your wedding dress altered to fit you perfectly. This also applies to the groom’s and groomsmen’s suits and bridesmaids’ dresses. Add a contingency fund of a couple of hundred euro for this to your budget, and ensure you are using a trusted and reputable dressmaker to do the alterations.

Makeup and Hair Trials

This is one of the most forgotten hidden wedding costs! You will most probably be going for a trial run with your makeup artist and hair stylist to decide what kind of look you want for the wedding. You might find that you’re unhappy with the first look and want to go back again, or decide to go with a different stylist – and you will be charged a fee for each trial. This could end up costing a couple of hundred euros, so be sure to build it into your hair and makeup budget.

Last Minute Beauty Treatments

Most brides will want to be completely primped and preened in time for their wedding – this means tanning, manicures, pedicures, facials and scrubs. You might decide to pay for this out of your own pocket, but it could be well worth allocating a portion of your budget to this to avoid any surprises

hidden wedding costsPassports

If you are heading abroad on your honeymoon, it is essential to have a valid passport. Some destinations even require that your passport has at least six or twelve months validity on it, so if yours is due to expire within a few months of the wedding, it may be worth getting it renewed now.

On-site Ceremony

Even if you are holding your wedding reception there, some venues may also charge a fee for holding your ceremony on their grounds. Ensure you find this out when booking your venue, as it will add to overall ceremony costs for the officiant, registration and music.

Are there any other hidden wedding costs you have encountered? Let us know in the comments!


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