How to Choose Your Maid of Honour

Choosing your bridesmaids can be difficult enough, without the added stress of picking a maid of honour or chief bridesmaid! It can be very easy for some people, they have one sister, or one very close friend who will automatically get the job. Other times, you may have two or more sisters or a number of besties. When choosing among sisters or best friends, it’s important to consider some things before making your decision as to who is most suitable for the job.

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Who is the most responsible?

Being the maid of honour comes with certain responsibilities, such as organising a bridal shower and/or hen party, being your second-hand woman on the big day and helping you with a lot of your wedding jobs and appointments. It’s important to choose a maid of honour who is most likely to remain calm and clear on the wedding day. A friend who is a complete party animal when you’re more of an introvert is not likely to be the best person to plan your hen. If your sister or friend is very disorganised or you feel you wouldn’t be able to rely on her in a sticky situation, then it’s probably best to leave her as a bridesmaid. Choose someone more reliable for the head position.

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What’s your relationship like?

Have you been friends forever? Are you close as sisters? Will you be happy to look back at wedding photos in 20 years and see her standing beside you? It’s important to look at your relationship in the long-term, and choose the person who you can really count on.

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What’s her life like?

Has she gone through a big life change recently, such as a break-up of a relationship, having a baby or moving jobs? She may be under a lot of stress and not in the best position to take on the role of maid of honour. Even if it’s your best friend in the world and you really want to have her as your MOH, talk to her first and give her the opportunity to think about it. She may be grateful to take a back seat at this time.

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