How to entertain kids at your wedding

Kids can be a constant source of joy and entertainment, and if you’re inviting them to your wedding you’ll want to make sure you are looking after them just as well as your adult guests. Today we’re giving you some tips on how to entertain kids at your wedding so that everyone has a great time.

If there are going to be six or more kids at your wedding reception, then consider giving them their own table. It will give their parents a break, make it easy for the waiting staff to take their orders and serve them first so that they don’t get restless, and you can decorate the table to suit them too. You could have a paper tablecloth and bowls of crayons that they can draw on, personalised place mats, goodie bags at each setting filled with snacks, toys and colouring pencils and even games such as ‘Wedding I-Spy’ where the kids will have to check off their sheet when they see a typical wedding event, such as a couple kissing, a white dress, something blue and a cake being cut.

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Ask your venue if there is a room near the reception that the kids can use if they get bored of all the dancing and eating. You could set up snacks, games and dvds and have someone check on them regularly (note: don’t expect your venue staff to do this unless they offer – some hotels have a kids club and they may be happy to do so). If there a lot of kids attending and you want to take the pressure off their parents, or indeed if you have kids of your own, it may be worth hiring a child-minding service. There are a number of childcare providers specifically for weddings out there, who can look after the kids during the ceremony and meal, supervise games and movie time, and even do arts and crafts with them.

Entertaining kids at wedding

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If part or even all of your wedding is taking place outdoors, why not set up some traditional garden games for the kids to take part in? You could have twister, giant connect 4, hula hoops and a bubble station, providing hours of entertainment. You could also hire a magician to perform magic tricks during the drinks reception to entertain both kids and adults

Entertaining kids at wedding

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It’s important to check with your venue if they provide babysitting services; and if not make sure you research a couple of local babysitters just in case any of your guests require it. Some kids may be still on the dancefloor at 1am, but others might have crashed out by 9pm – a babysitter can watch them in their room or at home, allowing their parents to enjoy the rest of their night without worry.

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