How to Organise a Christening

As the name suggests, our main product line is wedding candles, but we also provide a fantastic range of beautiful candles suitable for your baby’s Christening. During the christening ceremony, the parents or godparents will hold a candle that, in Christian traditions, represents the light of Christ and symbolizes lighting the way for the child being christened on their journey of faith. Some people choose a very simple candle, but others choose a personalised, decorative candle that becomes a family keepsake and is later used during the child’s communion and confirmation ceremonies. Today we’re giving you some tips on how to¬†organise a christening!


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You will firstly need to decide on where your child is going to be christened. It will generally be in the parish where you live. You will need to visit the church to speak with the priest to see what dates are available – usually over a weekend. Bear in mind that your child may not be the only one being christened that day, so ask your priest about this if it’s important for you to have some privacy on the day.

Once a date has been picked, you will need to invite the people you would like to be present in the church. Some families choose to keep it to close family members and godparents for the church, inviting more to the party or meal afterwards. Again, ask your church in case they have any space restrictions.


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You may have already chosen your child’s godparents at this stage. The godparents will stand with you and your child during the ceremony, and are people who you would like to help support your child throughout their life. Many people choose family members or close friends for the roles; if you’re asking friends,¬†ask yourself if they are reliable and if they will still be in your life in 10 years time.

Choose a christening gown – traditionally both boys and girls wear a white, cream or ivory christening gown for the ceremony. Many families keep gowns to pass on to siblings or grandchildren, and many women are now having fabric from their wedding dress made into a gown which is a wonderful tradition to keep.


Turn a wedding gown into a christening gown

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The service itself won’t be very long, unless there are several children being christened together. It may be a good idea to hire a photographer for the occasion as having several family members all snapping photos together can take a lot of time! Some churches can be quite cold so make sure your child is warmly dressed for the occasion.

Finally, you may decide to have a party at home or a meal out afterwards. Ensure you have plenty of people to help if you are doing the cooking yourself, with volunteers for cleaning up afterwards. If you choose to go to a restaurant or hotel after the ceremony, there are many options you could go with, including finger food, a buffet or a sit-down meal. If you choose to go for finger food or a buffet, ensure you are ordering plenty of food as your guests may be expecting a substantial meal – and you don’t want to give your in-laws any reasons to complain!

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