Looking Beautiful for your Wedding

One of the things that a bride will worry about most is looking beautiful for her wedding day. Will her makeup look good? Will her hair sit right on the day? More importantly, will she feel beautiful? Today we are discussing tips on how to stay looking and feeling beautiful for your wedding.

Skincare is the best place to start. If you have any skin abnormalities such as being prone to redness or blemishes or acne, it may be a good idea to start visiting a dermatologist as soon as you start planning your wedding. The dermatologist will be able to give you the best advice on how to care for your skin and start you on a course of treatment if necessary, but it will give you plenty of time to relax and do the work in order to make your skin look its best. Running to the salon for a facial 2 weeks before the big day will not be the solution, so be prepared! It’s important to remember that if you do have problem skin, going for a facial so close to the wedding may not be a great idea, as your skin might not agree with the treatment or products used, and you could end up feeling more stressed than ever. Leave this to the professionals.


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Water will be your best friend in the run up to your wedding. Not only will it keep you feeling hydrated and energised, it will help to detox your body and help to keep your skin clear and bright. For best results you should be drinking between 1 and 2 litres every day. If you find it difficult to drink plain water, try flavouring it naturally with fruits such as lemon, lime or orange.


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Hair can be a source of major anxiety for any bride, but remember that even if you are not blessed with long, luscious locks, in the hands of the right hair stylist you will be looking so beautiful for your wedding day. Get regular trims and ask your stylist for advice on the best schedule to follow for colouring (if you’re not going au naturel, of course!). They will also be able to recommend the best products for you to use on a daily basis at home. Start planning how you would like your hair to look early on – if you have quite short hair but would like it below shoulder length for your wedding, you will need to give yourself several months to a year to grow it out. Work off the same rule as you would for trying on a wedding dress – pick a style which will work for your current shape or style, not what you would like to be in six months time. It will take the stress out of planning and you can work on keeping your hair looking healthy and strong.


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Make-up should suit your own style, and not make you look like a completely different person on your wedding day. Find a make-up artist that you like and trust and have a trial done a few months before the wedding. If you are more used to a very natural look but you emerge from your trial with feline eyeliner and bright lips, it may be a good idea to go back to the drawing board or find another make-up artist. An important tip to remember also is to find out what lipstick your make-up artist is using so that you can buy the same one to keep in your purse on your wedding day for touch-ups. If you are on a tight budget and would prefer to do the makeup yourself, why not enroll yourself and your bridesmaids on a short make-up artistry course?


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Do you have any tips for looking beautiful for your wedding? Share them with us in the comments!


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