How to Have a Meaningful Wedding Ceremony

There is a rise each year in the amount of couples choosing to have an alternative wedding ceremony. While the majority of weddings in Ireland still take place in a church, more and more are looking to a civil, humanist or spiritual ceremony. A big factor in this rise of non-religious ceremonies is the desire to have a wedding ceremony that is more personal to your relationship. Today we look at how to have a meaningful wedding ceremony.
Choose a meaningful venue for your ceremony

Whether it’s the church that you went to every Sunday as a child, a park that you spent many weekends strolling through or sandy beach with beautiful sunset views, choose a ceremony venue that has special meaning to you as a couple. If it is going to be an intimate ceremony, with just the two of you, the officiant and witnesses, you can pretty much choose anywhere if you’re having or humanist or spiritual ceremony. If you’re having guests though, ensure there is plenty of flat surface for chairs.

meaningful wedding ceremony

Decorate the aisle

A neutral or plain venue can be made beautiful by decorating with flowers, candles, balloons, lanterns…the list goes on. If you’ve chosen a theme, this is an ideal place to bring it all together. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, ensure you secure everything that is on the ground in case of a sudden gust of wind.

meaningful wedding ceremony

Include your friends and family

If you have a talented friend who loves to sing, ask them to perform your favourite song as you walk down the aisle. Friends and family members can read poems or religious passages, musician relatives could perform some traditional music and if you have children or nieces and nephews, have them play a part in the ceremony too. This is a really heartfelt way to have a meaningful wedding ceremony.

meaningful wedding ceremony

Choose a meaningful song for your processional or recessional

You and your partner may have a favourite song or piece of music that wouldn’t be suitable for your first dance, so have it played as you walk down the aisle. If you’re feeling nervous, a familiar song may help to calm you as you walk towards your husband or wife to be!

meaningful wedding ceremony

Write your own vows

Whether it’s football or cooking, including personal references in your ceremony will truly help you to have a meaningful wedding ceremony. Give yourselves plenty of time to write your own vows and practice a few times before the big day. Make sure you look your partner in the eyes as you read your vows, to make sure it is even more special.

Unity Candle Set among flowers real wedding meaningful wedding ceremony

Unity Candle Set among flowers

Light a wedding candle

Whether it’s a church ceremony or a non-religious ceremony, lighting a wedding candle together is a lovely tradition, and a wonderful element to any kind of marriage ceremony. Check out our full range of beautiful wedding candles here.

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