Movie Theme Weddings

As more and more couples choose to add a personal touch to their wedding day, picking a theme or style is becoming par for course. Movie theme weddings are now becoming really popular, with couples styling their wedding stationery, venue, cake and even clothing around their favourite films. Today we look at some great ideas for movie theme weddings.
Harry Potter Themed Wedding

This one can be tricky – you want your movie theme weddings to look classy, not like a child’s birthday party. Choose elements from the Harry Potter series that will complement your wizard wedding perfectly, such as Marauder’s Map invitations, paper flower bouquets created from pages of the books, cocktails named after spells and potions and a photo booth filled with Hogwarts props.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Themed Wedding

This is an ideal theme for a really elegant and classy wedding. Draw elements from the 1950’s for the fashion, choose the iconic Tiffany blue as your colour scheme, and bridesmaids can wear Audrey Hepburn-inspired little black dresses with pearls.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding

This is ideal if you want a really colourful, whimsical movie theme wedding. Your stationery will set the tone, and ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ labels will be a must-have for your drinks reception. Pretty china teacups and a dessert table will be perfect for Alice in Wonderland themed weddings.



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