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Last year, getting married outside was finally legalised in Ireland. Although you still can’t have a church or HSE civil ceremony outdoors, a humanist ceremony (which is recognised by law) is allowed, meaning that couples now have so many more options for their wedding ceremonies and receptions. However, this is Ireland, so an outdoor wedding comes with certain caveats! Here are some of our top outdoor wedding tips.


Ah, Irish weather. It’s great, isn’t it? Where else in the world would you encounter four seasons in one day? Even our previously dry and relatively warm summers can’t be relied on, especially if 2015 is anything to go by. It is best to be prepared for rain, even in the middle of July. If you have planned for your ceremony to take place outside, ensure you have a contingency plan in place. If you are having a marquee for the dinner, see if it logistically possible to have the ceremony moved inside at short notice. Likewise, if your ceremony is taking place in the grounds of a hotel or house, find out if there is space to hold the ceremony inside in case of inclement weather. Be prepared and have plenty of umbrellas available for guests, and have protective caps for your high heels which can be a life saver when you and your bridesmaids start to sink in soft grass. Blankets and wraps are also a nice touch in case guests get cold. On the flip side, you may be planning your ceremony to take place indoors, but find that the sun is splitting the stones on the day of the wedding. If your ceremony officiant agrees, see if its possible to move your ceremony outside, which will be a lovely surprise for your guests.

Outdoor wedding tips wedding candles ireland

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If you have chosen to hold your wedding party in a marquee, ensure it is a high-quality, durable tent from a reputable company. The tent will need to be able to withstand rain and wind. Most Irish marquee providers offer insulated tents so that you and your guests will be warm enough, especially when the temperatures drop at night.

Outdoor wedding tips wedding candles ireland

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Food & Drink

If you are going to be serving food and drinks out in the open air, ensure everything is well covered before serving so as to keep insects away. Drinks should be kept chilled until right before serving. Bear the season in mind when choosing your food and drink also; mulled wine and hot chocolate doesn’t make sense for a hot summer’s day. Think prosecco, chilled cocktails and juices, and cold canapes and sweets.

Outdoor wedding tips wedding candles ireland


Candles placed in lanterns, outdoor chandeliers, balloons and bunting will always look great for an outdoor wedding and will lend a really festive atmosphere. Ensure everything is tied down well though; you don’t want your beautiful decorations taking off with a gust of strong wind!

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