Save on Wedding Flowers

Couples are always looking for ways to save money on their wedding, and today we’re looking at the area of flowers. Wedding flowers can be costly if you don’t do your research, so we are sharing with you our top tips on how to save on wedding flowers.

Save the Date
Flowers are considerably more expensive around Valentine’s Day due to high demand, especially roses, and over the Christmas season, delivery dates are more restrictive. This can lead to a higher cost to get the flowers you really want. If you are getting married around these times, ensure you organise your florist and choose your flowers well in advance, and ask their advice for the least costly flowers.
How to save on wedding flowers

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In Season
Many flowers are available year-round, but at a cost. Flowers are imported from abroad, mainly Holland, but of course peonies imported in winter are going to be a lot more expensive than those bought in May or June when they are actually in season. If there is a particular type of flower you have been dreaming of having for your wedding since you were little, find out when they are in season and consider scheduling your wedding around this time if it is a must-have.
How to save on wedding flowers

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Re-use Your Flowers 
Re-use your ceremony flower arrangements for your reception to save money. Display your altar arrangement on the top table, and see if your venue has tall pod tables where you could display cascading pedestal arrangements. You could also select some beautiful fresh flowers to display on top of your cake instead of a traditional cake topper, which will look beautiful in photographs.
How to save on wedding flowers

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