Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

You have more than likely heard of the wedding tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, but may wonder where this originated from and what it actually means. It comes from an old English rhyme, and the four items are seen as lucky charms for your wedding day. Something old represents the past and continuing tradition; something new signifies the future and optimism; something borrowed represents borrowed happiness and something blue represents love, fidelity and purity. So how can you incorporate this sweet tradition into your wedding? Here are some ideas:

Something Old

Many brides choose to wear an antique piece of jewellery that has been passed on to them from their mother or grandmother; perhaps even an item worn by their relative on their own wedding day! Another nice idea is to place an old photo of a relative who has passed away or a photo of your parents on their wedding day in a locket or charm and wear this or place it on your bouquet. You might also have a piece of lace from your mother’s wedding dress or an old handkerchief sewn into the lining of your dress.

Something old wedding ideas photo of parents wedding

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Something New

Your ‘something new’ could really be anything – a pair of earrings that your husband-to-be has given you as a wedding gift, a new pair of shoes, a new charm for your bracelet or perhaps even something that you and your new husband can share together, such as a pair of engraved champagne glasses.


Something new wedding ideas gift from husband

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Something Borrowed

This will be a lovely addition to your bridal outfit. Borrow your sister’s veil, a necklace from your mother or a pair of fabulous shoes from your friend. If you are having a bouquet made from brooches, perhaps your grandmother had a great collection of brooches that could be worked into your bouquet and will give it extra meaning.


Something borrowed antique brooch bouquet

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Something Blue

Your ‘something blue’ might be visible – think blue shoes a lá Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, a sapphire pendant or a blue sash or belt on your dress; or hidden – such as a blue garter or a piece of your partner’s blue shirt sewn into the lining of your dress. You could also have your wedding date embroidered in blue thread to the lining of your dress or paint your nails in a gorgeous powder blue.


Something blue sewn into dress lining

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Did you have something old, new borrowed & blue? Tell us about it in the comments?

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