Spring Wedding Flowers

There may still be a chill in the air, but with new bright clothes appearing in shop windows and daffodil buds popping out of the ground, spring is well and truly on its way! Today we are looking at some gorgeous spring wedding flowers that will complement your candles brilliantly.

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, it’s important to bear in mind the season and what is going to be readily available for your wedding. If the flowers are in season, they will be looking their absolute best and you will be paying the regular price for them. Of course, it is possible to order in flowers that aren’t currently in season from abroad, but you will be paying through the nose for them and won’t get the same quality and freshness as from those in season. The only real exception is roses, which have a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes and are available year-round, however in the few weeks running up to Valentine’s Day you could pay up to three times the normal amount for them! If you’re getting married between the months of February and May, here are some of the most popular flowers available.

Amaryllis, Anemone, Bird of Paradise, Cosmos, Dahlia, Delphinium, Freesia, Gardenia, Heather, Hyacinth, Casa Blanca Lily, Stargazer Lily, Lilac, Lisianthus, Narcissus, Orchid, Peony, Poppy, Ranunculus, Rose, Stock, Sweet Pea, Tulip, Zinnia

Your florist will usually ask you about your colour scheme or wedding theme, and will be able to give you the best idea of what works together in terms of colours, shapes and scents. Your flower arrangements will usually be a combination of 3 or 4 types of flowers. Don’t fret if you have chosen a strong colour scheme for your wedding and worry that you won’t be able to find flowers to match; complementing colours will work beautifully, for example if you have chosen royal blue bridesmaids dresses, a combination of softer blues, cream and yellow will look stunning against them.


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