Tips for a Destination Wedding

If you’ve been following on Facebook, you “might” have spotted that we had a fabulous celebrity customer recently. TV Presenter Lisa Cannon tied the knot in Italy last week, and we were delighted to provide her beautiful unity candles. She looked amazing, and her new husband Richard Keatley looked really dapper too! Today we want to give you some tips for a destination wedding if you’re thinking of getting married abroad.

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If you want a destination wedding, don’t let anyone stop you! 

Many couples dream of a beautiful, intimate wedding in a chateau in France, a villa in Italy or on the beach in the Caribbean. They don’t want the fuss of a big white church wedding at home, with every neighbour for miles around invited. But due to pressure from parents and friends they may end up giving in to convention and leave their dreams of a destination wedding aside. Remember, if a destination wedding is what you and partner really want, then make it happen! It’s your day after all, and you will only regret it in the long run if you don’t listen to your heart.

Destination wedding tips wedding blog

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Destination weddings are not just about beaches and villas

The concept of a destination wedding is often tied directly to ‘sunshine spots’, such as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, but for you it may be a favourite holiday spot or the location where you or your partner grew up. You might be regular visitors to Scotland, in which case a Scottish castle might be ideal for you, or if you’re both ski buffs, then a winter wedding in Alps might be the perfect match.

Destination wedding tips wedding blog

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Be prepared to relinquish some control

If you’re planning a wedding abroad, chances are you might only see your venue once before the wedding, and sometimes not at all. You will have to place your trust in a wedding planner or with the venue co-ordinator to make a lot of the plans for you. Supplier choices will mostly have to be made by the phone and email. Hiring a wedding planner will be your best bet, as they will know the area and will ensure all suppliers are in order as well as having back-up plans in case anything goes awry.

Destination wedding tips wedding blog

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A destination wedding is not necessarily cheaper 

There will be a lot of costs involved in planning a destination wedding that won’t be involved with a home wedding. If you are flying out to a destination to check out possible venues, you will be spending money on flights, acommodation, transport and meals straight away. Hiring a wedding planner is an additional expense, but they may be able to save you money in other areas. Travel insurance is a must-have if you’re getting married abroad. Ensure you factor in these additional costs to your overall budget! Your guests will also have more expenses than if they were attending a wedding at home, but if you create an itinerary for a few days, many might decide to make it into their annual holiday and take a few extra days to really enjoy the area.

Destination wedding tips wedding blog

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