Wedding Cake Tips

The wedding cake is a traditional part of any wedding, though in the last years it has taken on many forms to fit in with our very modern and unique wedding styles. From towers of cheese wheels to tiers of donuts, brides and grooms are looking at different options for their wedding cake. Today we discuss our top wedding cake tips to help you choose the style of cake, the size and what to do with it after.

Think about the design

Do you want something very elaborate, or are you more classic? If you have a wedding theme, it would make sense to have a cake designed to fit in with that theme, however a cake which has more design detail such as sugar flowers, figurines, many tiers and a number of flavours may end up costing more than something quite simplistic. Look at Pinterest for ideas, and talk to a variety of cake makers to see what will work within your budget.

wedding cake tips

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Have your (favourite) cake and eat it too

Many couples worry about what flavours to choose and what will suit most of their guests. They often think that they need to have a traditional fruit cake tier to keep the grannies happy, but in reality, this is your cake and you should go with whatever flavours you would eat yourself. Fruit cakes are very heavy, expensive and often get left behind. Similarly, if you’re not a fan of cake and would prefer to serve lots of lovely cheeses or pies instead, do that! If you really want to keep everyone happy, buy a plain cake just for cutting that can be served with the afters.

wedding cake tips

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Size matters

You will need to base the size of your cake on the number of guests. For a three tiered cake with 12″, 10″ and 8″ size rounds, you will be able to serve approximately 120 guests. If you have 150+, consider larger size rounds, i.e. 14″ plus or you might prefer to go with a four-tier cake.

wedding cake tips

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Even with the above size guide, you probably won’t need to cut all of your cake on the night of the wedding. Of your 150 guests, up to half of those may not even bother having any of the cake – they might not be cake people, or are too busy dancing or scoffing cocktail sausages to get to the cake! So what do you do with the leftovers? If you’re planning to have a party the day after, serve it at that. If you go for a chocolate biscuit cake tier, this will last for a few days when refrigerated so you could always divide it up between relatives in the days following the wedding. If you have a small fruit cake tier, why not freeze it and keep it for a christening? You could also spring for little cake favour boxes and hand pieces of cake to guests as they go home at the end of the night!

wedding cake tips

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