Wedding Candle Decor Ideas

Last week, we looked at the wedding Unity Candle as a really important feature for your wedding; but there are lots of other great ways you can use candles throughout your wedding ceremony and reception to create an amazing atmosphere. Today we’re looking at the top wedding candle decor ideas!

1. Light up your ceremony aisle

This is a really elegant and surprisingly affordable way to decorate your ceremony aisle. If you’re getting married in a church, you will most likely have rows of pews and it won’t be possible to block these with a full length of pillar candles running the length of the aisle, plus if your dress has a wide skirt this could be a little dangerous! In this case, stick to tall lanterns at intermittent spots up the aisle, or hang little candle holders with bows and flowers from the end of each pew for a really pretty look. If you are have a civil or humanist ceremony and can afford to have a wider aisle either outdoors or indoors, lining the aisle with candles will look incredible. For safety purposes, you could contain them within glass hurricane vases just in case a gust of wind catches them!



2. Candle Centerpieces

Many venues will provide centerpieces as part of their wedding packages, but if they don’t or if choose to personalise your venue with additional decor, using candles in the centerpiece is a beautiful idea. Again, there are lots of ways you can incorporate them, from floating candles in vases of water, to elegant candelabras, to little votive candles surrounded by soft petals.


3. Candle Chandeliers

This idea is truly beautiful and lends a really whimsical touch to your wedding. This is particularly pretty if you’re having an outdoor wedding or have an outdoor feature such as a balcony or garden at your venue. These can be fancy, rustic, floral, industrial…the possibilities are endless!


Have you used candles in your own wedding? If you have any great wedding candle decor ideas feel free to share them with us!



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