Wedding Unity Candles

During a traditional wedding ceremony, couples often light a wedding unity candle together once they have exchanged their vows. Today we’re exploring the tradition of the unity candle and how it came about. We’ll also be discussing how we can help you create the most beautiful wedding unity candles to suit your wedding’s theme or colour scheme.


Snowflake Unity Set

Snowflake Unity Set


Believe it or not, the history of wedding unity candles is relatively new, dating back only forty of fifty years, unlike many traditional elements of the ceremony that have been around for centuries. A wedding unity candle is a large pillar candle often placed within a floral arrangement, displayed on the church altar or on a table during a non-denominational ceremony. It is not constrained to one religion or another, and most civil and religious wedding ceremonies will feature candles within the ceremony. During the ceremony, the couple will each take a lit taper candle or smaller candle and jointly light the Unity Candle, to signify the union of two families and the love between the couple.


Unity Candle Set among flowers real wedding

Unity Candle Set among flowers


Wedding unity candles have become much more elaborate over the years, and are now usually decorated with an inscription, picture, or with decorative elements such as crystals and ribbons. They are also usually white or ivory; however lots of couples are now opting for bright coloured or patterned candles or one that matches their theme or colour scheme. We have created some gorgeous candles with floral motifs, butterflies, trees and even photographs. We can also print a verse or inscription on the back of the candle to make it truly personal. We have also created beautiful family sets, which is ideal if the couple already has children and want them to participate in the ceremony.


Family Unity candle Set

Family Unity Set by


As well as creating beautiful wedding candles, we also provide stands and candleholders to display them on. The candles are a lovely keepsake to have of your wedding day and a really nice idea is to light the candle on your wedding anniversary, to keep your love burning bright. We love the idea that the unity candles we create at will be kept for years and years, and will become of your own home and family history.


Butterfly Monogram Wedding Candle Set

Butterfly Monogram Unity Set


You will find a huge variety of beautiful candle designs on our website, but if you would prefer us to create a custom design for your wedding or event, please contact us, we love a challenge!

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