Who NOT to invite to your wedding

Deciding how many people to invite to your wedding, and who, will be one of the biggest stresses you and your partner face in the run up to the big day. Family, close friends, neighbours, school chums and work colleagues – where do you draw the line? Today we’re sharing our list of who not to invite to your wedding.

who not to invite to your wedding

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Your Ex

Even if you dated for years and are still ‘friends’ on Facebook, this is not the place for them. You might feel totally at ease with it, but your new husband or wife might not be so happy to see them on the most important day of their life. Leave them off the list!

The Embarrassing Relative

It may be an uncle who always gets really drunk and starts arguing with people, or an obnoxious cousin who you’ve just never gotten on with. You may feel obligated with this one, especially if they are a close relative, but at the end of the day you want your wedding to go perfectly and not be stressed out about their embarrassing behaviour. Talk to your parents about this one and explain your feelings, as they might be the ones who get offended if you don’t invite their sibling.

who not to invite to your wedding

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The New Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Does your bestie have a brand new boyfriend? Unless you have an unlimited budget and are inviting everyone ‘plus one’, feel free to ask them to go solo for your wedding. If they’ve only been dating a few weeks, you don’t necessarily want the new squeeze popping up in your wedding photos, especially if the relationship fizzles out soon after.

Your Boss

This can be a tricky one, especially if you are inviting a lot of work colleagues. If you get on great with your boss, invite them – but if you’d rather not be watching your every move in front of them, leave them off the list. The same goes for your work colleagues – if you’re not particularly close to any of them, perhaps just ask them to the afters.

Your Friends’ Kids

Another tough situation – if you have nieces and nephews acting as flower girls and page boys, your friends might assume that it is totally fine to bring along their kids too. This can cause disruption at the ceremony if they’re acting up, and will cost you extra on meals too. Make sure to make this decision early on, and explain to your friends that only your family’s kids are invited. You never know – your friends might be delighted to get a night off from the kids!


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